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About ASI Australia

Dedicated to furthering the pioneering work of Dr. A Jean Ayres, ASI–Australia strives to uphold her legacy through the seamless integration of clinical excellence, advanced research, and rigorous academic standards. Our primary mission is to cultivate and disseminate knowledge surrounding sensory integration and sensory processing.

We are committed to nurturing research endeavours, facilitating education, and promoting awareness of Ayres Sensory Integration®, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of the impact of sensory processing challenges on individuals' lives. Our association aims to provide unwavering support for the establishment and growth of regional organisations and the delivery of Ayres Sensory Integration® with fidelity.

We are committed to evidence-based practices, ensuring that the occupational therapy services using ASI reflect the highest quality standards. Our ultimate goal is to enhance clients' engagement in meaningful occupations and bolster their independence in everyday life.

Our focus extends to empowering the Occupational Therapy community in Australia, by offering opportunities for knowledge-sharing, skill enhancement, and collaboration, we aim to facilitate the growth of skilled practitioners in this specialised field.

The values that unite us in this association:

  • Advocacy:

we advocate for the rights of individuals benefiting from Ayres Sensory Integration® interventions, striving to amplify their voices and enhance their quality of life.

  • Knowledge:

We uphold the significance of continuous learning and the acquisition of evidence-based insights to propel the field of ASI forward.

  • Experience:

We recognise the value of experiential wisdom, acknowledging the wealth of insights that practitioners, clients, and families bring to the table.

  • Ethics:

We adhere unwaveringly to the highest ethical standards in our research, practice, and collaborations.

  • Creativity:

We embrace innovation and creative thinking as catalysts for advancing the field, encouraging fresh perspectives and ground-breaking ideas.

  • Leadership:

We lead by example, setting benchmarks for excellence and inspiring others to follow suit.

  • Team Effort:

We foster a collaborative environment where diverse expertise converges to achieve our shared mission, promoting synergy and cooperation among all stakeholders.

In summary, ASI -Australia is dedicated to propelling Dr. A Jean Ayres' legacy into the future. By integrating clinical excellence, progressive research, and rigorous academia, we endeavour to expand knowledge, elevate practices, and empower both practitioners and clients within the realm of sensory integration.

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